At FG Prime Decor, we don’t believe that you should have to choose between redecorating your space and protecting the environment. There are different reasons why redecorating might bring up some ecological concerns for you. Paint products can have a bad reputation for using pollutant ingredients. But technology has made major advances on this front. Today, you as the consumer can choose among high quality, long-lasting materials that don’t damage the planet or your health. At FG Prime Decor, we are committed to offering eco-friendly alternatives to conventional paint products, such as low-VOC paint. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, and they give off hydrogen and carbon as they dry. This process can contribute to environmental pollutants but also pose health risks for you. By using low-VOC paint, you can avoid this risk. Plus, you’ll avoid that new paint smell! We also offer resprays at FG Prime Decor. What does this have to do with the environment? Resprays give you the chance to touch up or freshen up your space without having to do a big remodel. Replacing doors, kitchen cabinets, or other furniture can lead to lots of unnecessary waste (not to mention a hefty price tag for you). A respray can fix minor scratches and stains, or just make your space more you, without all the hassle, waste, and cost of replacing what you already have. Finally, we use dust-free sanders at FG Prime Decor. When we sand painted surfaces, the dust can carry the environmentally harmful ingredients into the air, soil, and water. By using dust-free sanders, we instantly capture this dust so that it can be disposed of properly. This means a cleaner environment, but also less risk for you to breath in all those particles. We are continually exploring how we can minimize our ecological footprint through our products and services. Please let us know if you’d like to learn more about our commitment to this issue!
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