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Welcome to FG Prime Decor.

There may be many decorators in your area, but it can be hard to find a company in London that can provide you with an expert finish to your redecorating project. FG Prime Decor are experienced residential and commercial decorators with expertise in both interior and exterior painting. Our services include residential decorating, spray painting, wallpapering, commercial decorating, and exterior decorating. We work all over central London as well as the surrounding areas. We take your project as seriously as you do and work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. Each project can include thorough or light preparation, clean-up, and high class finishes. By using high quality materials and protocols, we know that all of our work will stand the test of time. We provide our customers with our 5 Year Warranty so that they have as much faith in our services as we have ourselves. Reach out today to help turn your vision into reality.

Why Choose Next Arch?

Why choose FG Prime Decor:

  • •  Eco – Friendly
  • •  High quality materials and tools
  • •  Precise work
  • •  5-year warranty
  • •  Fully insured
  • •  Excellent customer reviews

It can be hard to choose the right professional for your project when there are so many options out
there. At FG Prime Decor, we offer nothing but the highest quality service. Here are just some of the
reasons to choose us.
All of our materials and tools are top professional quality. This means that our work is precise, efficient,
and long-lasting. Among these tools, we use dust-free sanders. Dust-free sanders ensure minimal
cleanup, but they also protect your health from dust particles in the air. Meanwhile, they allow us to
create a polished finish on the surfaces in your home.
It’s not only the tootls we use that lend to our precise work. Our team of highly trained experts take our
work seriously. We consistently demonstrate our professional protocol, our attention to detail, and our
care for your property.
As professionals, we also provide our customers with a 5-year warranty, and we are fully insured.
Want more evidence? Just take a look at some of our outstanding reviews. Our previous customers have
consistently praised our excellent attention to detail. They are impressed by our professionalism and say
how easy it is to work with us. We love working with our customers to make their vision a reality, and it

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